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Parent Checklist Letter

Posted Date: 08/04/2020

Parent Checklist Letter

August 4, 2020


Dear Parents,

The safety of your child and our staff is of utmost importance as we return to school.  During the school year, we are asking you to daily check your child for signs of COVID-19.  Below is a checklist of statements you may use as a reference.  If your child exhibits any of the following signs, indicating by answering yes to the questions below, please keep them at home. This checklist must be used separately for each child attending school from your household.  You can print a checklist/log from our website at

_____ 1. Does your child have a temperature of 100 degrees or more today?

_____ 2. Does your child have a sore throat?

_____ 3. Does your child have a cough?

_____ 4. Does your child have a loss of smell or taste?

_____ 5. Does your child have shortness of breath?

_____ 6. Does your child have close contact with a positive COVID case?


By sending your child(ren) to school, you agree the answer to each of the statements above is “No.”


Thank you,

Tonya Finnerty