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A note from our counselor

Posted Date: 12/18/2018

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The majority of my job fits within the role of a school counselor as it is described in ASCA. I would estimate that I spend 75% of my day guiding students in academic, career, and personal development. However, most students, staff, and parents do not see what actually is taking place within the office of a counselor. They do not understand what I do. It seems to outsiders I walk around a lot, am on the phone a lot, play on my computer, and hide behind closed doors. Many of my duties go unnoticed. They don't see the student making a test up in my room or see me collecting homework for a sick student. Staff and students don't hear the many phone calls made to a parent because of a concern with their child. No one takes time to think about who schedules test like ASVAB/PreACT or completes applications and schedules interviews with the technology center. Sometimes I might just sit and visit with a student about their day or stop by to watch them interact within a class. It might be a simple conversation about college or what a student's interest are. Teachers never know how much I work with a student in their behalf or try to teach the student ways to better communicate with them. I have mentioned only a few of the task that I feel fit within the model set forth by the ASCA.

This said, there is the other 25% of my time that is spent outside the role of school counselor as described by ASCA. I might have to drive a bus, or cover a class. Sometimes I have to discipline a student when an administrator is not around. If the secretary is gone I might fill in for her or take a student home to get something. Fundraisers must be done so I will have funds for activities or materials I need. There are many things daily that come up and since the counselor "doesn't really do anything" they are called upon for task outside of their job description.

My perception of being a counselor includes the duties described as those set forth by the ASCA and those things that must be done on a daily basis to fill in gaps. I work in a small school district. We all work outside of our primary roles. I feel as the counselor I have more obligation to do that than anyone. My main role is support. I am here to support staff, students, and parents however that needs to be done.

A Note From Mrs. Labeth